Anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the use of concrete, its thermal properties or its wider construction and design benefits can obtain additional information from the links below.



CCANZ Code of Practice for Weathertight Concrete and Concrete Masonry Construction

This code of practice provides a means of compliance with the Building Code, Clause E2 - External Moisture. It makes the weathertight credentials of concrete easier to enjoy.

The weathertightness of the building envelope for concrete slabs on the ground, concrete walls and associated methods of insulation, concrete flat roofs and decks, and concrete to timber construction junctions is covered.

Download [PDF - 5MB]



Coming Home to Concrete: How Modern Concrete Choices Deliver Strength, Comfort & Beauty

Discover more about why concrete is the ideal material to build or renovate your home – includes a free copy of the Coming Home to Concrete DVD.

Download [PDF - 3MB]



Concrete magazine

CCANZ’s quarterly magazine provides solutions and inspiration for a wide cross-section of building professionals, who seek practical, technical and design information on how to maximise the world’s most widely used construction material.

Drawing on the in-house resources of CCANZ along with expertise from within NZ and overseas, Concrete magazine presents news and information on residential and commercial concrete systems, domestic and international projects, as well as regulatory developments.

Browse back issues of Concrete magazine.



Designing Comfortable Homes

This revised edition, endorsed by Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), is a guide to the basic principles of passive solar design as a means to ensure homes stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Along with general guidance on solar design considerations, Designing Comfortable Homes also provides data on the expected performance of homes based around three different combinations of glass, mass and insulation.

Download [PDF - 3.4MB] 



Residential Concrete Slab-On-Ground Floors

Producing a quality concrete slab on ground is easy if some basic rules are followed. This leaflet is intended to assist builders to produce a quality slab. The cost of rework is very high, so follow the suggestions in this leaflet to save time and money.

The leaflet is not intended to replace the use of clause 7.5 Concrete slab-on-ground for timber buildings of NZS 3604:2011 Timber-Framed Buildings or any other related standard.

Download [PDF - 1.2MB]



New Zealand Guide to Concrete Construction

This popular text covers the constituent materials of concrete, the manufacturing and supply of concrete, concreting and related site practices, along with concrete properties, specifying, ordering and testing.

For some readers, the guide will provide all the information they will need. For others, it will serve as a valuable introduction to the subject prior to undertaking a more in-depth study.

Download [PDF -16MB]


Useful Links

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