Favoriten Apartment, Vienna (Austria) - Funky and Functional

Situated in Favoriten, the 10th district of Vienna, the Rüdiger Lainer + Partner designed residential apartment complex offers contemporary and purposeful living spaces that shout their presence through distinctive use of shape and colour.

Standing on a 10,000m2 site, and containing 250 units plus a day care centre, the complex consists of four wings, each with six to eleven storeys. Individual apartments range in size from 55 to 120m², and offer a flexible floor plan that allows each space to be easily customised.

Driven by a design aesthetic that was the deliberate antithesis of the classic Vienna façade - uniform and rigid - the architects strove to capture maximum light and air in the dense city district through clever layout of the structures and varying definition of volumes.

This is most noticable in the astute use of patios, roof terraces or (exaggerated) balconies, each unit provides a private ‘outdoors’ space within the built-up urban environment.

To facilitate optimum use all year round the balconies are glazed on three sides.  The protection afforded from the wind, rain and noise is achieved without compromising the uninterrupted view through the use of vertical ‘seams’. 

On occasions when the elements cooperate, the front glazing can be folded back to completely open up the balcony.

The precast panels of the balconies have been used to soften the sharp protrusions through a wave shape, and are also given texture through formliners that replicate a bamboo and rough stone finish.

By integrating the exterior balcony space as private, the architects have enhanced the living environment to create a genuine sense of outdoor privacy rare amongst the cramped city streets.

Since it was first occupied, the apartment complex has won many architectural awards, leveraging not just its unique combination of colour and form, but more importantly its successful integration of exterior and interior space as a means to enhance quality of urban living.

Article reproduced from opusC : Concrete Architecture and Design

Rüdiger Lainer + Partner - www.lainer.at

Images courtesy of Michael Hierner and Hubert Dimko