Concrete Homes - Live With Confidence

Concrete’s unique variety of attributes make it the ideal material for residential construction. 

Although every family is different, locally-produced concrete offers all homeowners a huge range of undeniable benefits that include affordability, design versatility, fire resistance, long-term durability, low maintenance, seismic performance, sound proofing, strength and thermal mass.

Who can benefit from concrete homes?

Whether you look at concrete from a performance, safety, design or financial perspective, it delivers where it counts for every possible type of homeowner.

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Designing Comfortable Homes

This revised edition, endorsed by EECA, is a guide to the basic principles of passive solar design as a means to ensure homes stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

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“Having kids, I love concrete floors. It’s easy to clean up. On a wet day they can scoot around inside. It’s durable. You should see the carpet when we moved out of our previous houses!”

Julie Madams, Homeowner.