Build With Concrete, Build With Confidence

There has literally been a seismic shift in people’s attitude to residential construction in the past 12-months. In the long-term that will be good for homeowners, builders and the New Zealand economy as a large percentage of construction will be carried out to high standards with concrete.

Following the Canterbury earthquakes, the Department of Building and Housing has updated the Building Code to ensure that homes built with concrete offer even greater levels of assurance.

What’s new that builders need to know?

While producing a quality slab-on-ground remains easy if some basic rules are followed, it is vital that builders get up to speed with Building Code changes in this area of concrete construction.

Coming Home to Concrete Film




Residential Concrete Slab-On-Ground Floors

This recently updated guide provides good practice advice for builders on producing a quality residential concrete slab-on-ground that will stand the test of time.

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“It is very important in the early stages for the client to understand that concrete is extremely versatile. It’s solid, thermally very good and can give you a lot more freedom for design. Also, it can give them a lot more structural strength to a home than building out of timber.”

Ash Sparks, Builder.