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Concrete columns, floors, walls and beams are at the heart of many of the most progressive homes being built in New Zealand today, whether constructed using precast panels, concrete masonry or cast in-situ.

In addition, concrete cladding systems can provide both a distinctive, individual style to a home, and a durable shield against New Zealand’s harsh environment.

What can be achieved using concrete's unrivalled versatility?

Concrete is unique among the ever increasing range of building materials that architects and designers can choose from.

Coming Home to Concrete Film




CCANZ Code of Practice for Weathertight Concrete and Concrete Masonry Construction

This code of practice provides a means of compliance with the NZ Building Code, Clause E2 - External Moisture. It makes concrete easier to use for those wishing to benefit from its weathertight credentials.

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“Once the client’s awareness of the flexibility of concrete becomes more established, that will enable us as architects to create new and interesting residential forms in New Zealand.”

Andrew Simpson, Architect.