Concrete For The Long Haul

Appropriately designed and constructed concrete homes could easily exceed their 100 years expected life.

Concrete has been around for over 5,000 years and some of the earliest structures built in concrete – such as the Pantheon in Rome – are still with us today.

Concrete does not rot or rust - making it the ideal building material for New Zealand homes as we look to move on from the leaky homes crisis. Concrete’s robustness is also ideal for resisting the impact of extreme weather and earthquakes.

House fires appear more common than ever. As a non-combustible material, concrete will preserve life and minimise damage during a fire.

“This building is going to be here for 200 years. It’s certainly been designed for that. That gives some satisfaction because it’s durable and other people will come in and enjoy this building into the future.”

David Bull, Homeowner.

Case Study Film - Madams' Home


How can an innovative approach to concrete improve life for a busy family? The Madams family purchased their home in Churton Park, and discovered the advantages of concrete homes.

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Case Study Film - Cabbage Tree Vineyard


David Bull of the Cabbage Tree Vineyard says timber couldn’t deliver what he and wife Winifred were looking for in their ambitious building project in Martinborough.

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