Concrete For The Future

Concrete has a strong future in the design and construction of affordable, easy-to-build homes.

Concrete lends itself to very efficient construction techniques such as entire homes being made from prefabricated panels and concrete masonry. Alternatively, concrete can be used selectively in individual components such as walls, beams, floors, columns, panels and stairs.

Both precast concrete and concrete masonry enable quick and easy construction that can transform a building site into a home in record time. Put those benefits together and the cost savings can be significant.

“Simplicity of design doesn’t limit or restrict the comfort or the functionality of the house. I’m really, really confident that our research work and design concepts will change the way New Zealanders think about residential homes.”

Ralf Kessel, Architect (EU).

Case Study Film - Madams' Home


How can an innovative approach to concrete improve life for a busy family? The Madams family purchased their home in Churton Park, and discovered the advantages of concrete homes.

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Case Study Film - Cabbage Tree Vineyard


David Bull of the Cabbage Tree Vineyard says timber couldn’t deliver what he and wife Winifred were looking for in their ambitious building project in Martinborough.

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