Coming Home To A Complete Finish

Concrete provides a near complete finish and requires remarkably little maintenance.

Concrete’s capacity to provide both structural capabilities and an aesthetic finish renders it unique amongst residential construction materials.

Houses that need to be painted or re-textured every few years soak up huge amounts of money in contrast to concrete houses that maintain a quality exterior finish for generations.

Why waste precious time painting and replacing rotten cladding when concrete requires minimal maintenance.

“Our house is very low maintenance, as well as durable and hard-wearing. We certainly don’t have a leaky building problem. If our house was to leak it wouldn’t rot.”

Guy Madams, Homeowner.

Case Study Film - Madams' Home


How can an innovative approach to concrete improve life for a busy family? The Madams family purchased their home in Churton Park, and discovered the advantages of concrete homes.

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Case Study Film - Cabbage Tree Vineyard


David Bull of the Cabbage Tree Vineyard says timber couldn’t deliver what he and wife Winifred were looking for in their ambitious building project in Martinborough.

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