Coming Home To Something Different

Concrete is a favourite material with architects seeking to create stylish, award-winning homes.

Versatile concrete elements can provide the required structural capacity, help define space, and also be used to present a sculptural shape or decorative surface.

Concrete is unique amongst contemporary building materials in that its pre-set plastic state allows it to take the shape of the form into which it is cast.

Intricate off-form shapes, patterns and textures, along with a range of colours and effects, enables concrete to offer almost unlimited aesthetic potential, and for home owners to enjoy true customisation that is as unique and different as they are.

“Concrete gives us as architects a great deal of creative license, we get to do things that you just can't with a standard timber framed building, whether its thin floor slabs, textured walls or an exposed aggregate floor. Aesthetically it gives us a great deal of flexibility.”

Andrew Simpson, Architect.

Case Study Film - Madams' Home


How can an innovative approach to concrete improve life for a busy family? The Madams family purchased their home in Churton Park, and discovered the advantages of concrete homes.

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Case Study Film - Cabbage Tree Vineyard


David Bull of the Cabbage Tree Vineyard says timber couldn’t deliver what he and wife Winifred were looking for in their ambitious building project in Martinborough.

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